Our Story

Pearl Shed was born out of personal obsession with beautiful jewellery and not enough space! Having collected pearl jewellery for many years, I found myself with a large collection and nowhere to keep it.

When my mum suggested I turn this treasure trove into a business, I took the challenge to heart. I already had a passion for pearls and an appetite for sourcing unusual, one-off designs. What I didn’t realise is how many people shared my love of bespoke jewellery.

Several years down the line and many journeys around the world later, I am delighted to introduce Pearl Shed – a very personal collection dedicated to anyone who loves distinctive jewellery.

As the name suggests, it’s a haven for anyone who appreciates classic pearl jewellery. But just like my original collection, it is wonderfully eclectic too. I’ve purposely selected and blended contemporary styles from around the world and used unusual materials to create jewellery with a fresh new look and feel.

That’s why from semi-precious gemstones and iridescent beads, to sterling silver and aluminum, you’ll find enchanting new combinations that take your jewellery collection somewhere exotic and new.

Being ethical has always been important to me too. As a result, I only work with a trusted network of suppliers, support fair trade, and use sustainable materials.

From start to finish, Pearl Shed has been a personal labour of love and I believe that this attention to detail shines through in the beauty and quality of our jewellery.

I hope you enjoy my collection.